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Nate and Allison

"I was just happy she was happy."

Nate knew Allison was the one the first time he saw her. “I thought she was wonderful, she was funny and the life of the class. I just thought that she was special.”

As courtship turned to talk to marriage, Nate knew he wanted to give Allison an engagement ring as special as she is.

They had shopped around for rings, but “I wanted to make sure that it was tailored to exactly what she wanted,” Nate says.

“One of our best friends introduced us to Moe,” he recalls. “He just made us feel really comfortable. It was his place [Lessard Coutu Custom Jewellers], his personality and his service and we just knew right away that he was really good.”

“The friends that recommended us had been here 18 years previously to get their engagement rings and wedding rings made,” Allison added. “They were obviously very satisfied and very happy and we were happy to take their recommendation.”

Nate and Allison started working on the custom ring design together but Nate worked secretly with Moe to 

finalize the ring leading to his surprise proposal on a bridge

in a park with family and friends all around.

“To me, the most special part about the ring is the part that I didn't know about,” Allison says. “I had helped Nate choose the stones and kind of the designs that I was interested in but it was the detail that went into it behind the scenes that I wasn't aware of that's actually my favourite part. Underneath the main stones, Nate and Moe put in what will be my initials when we get married. It was a detail that I hadn't helped him plan that was actually my favourite part.”

The process from concept to the delivery of the ring was easy, Nate says. “Moe was very patient. What's really neat is that he pulls parts of different rings and puts them together on the computer software that he's got, so you know exactly right off the bat what you're dealing with. Once you've got the picture of what she likes and you dissect the ring's different pieces, at the end, you have a pretty good idea of what the cost is going to be and what the timeframe is going to be, so there's very little guesswork involved.”

“The day of the proposal, when all of her friends and family got to see the ring, they were all very impressed. I was very impressed with everything, I was just happy that she was happy,” Nate says.

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