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Inspired by iconic women

The following are the actual answers our Engager Rings customer provided using our questionnaire: 

1. Who are we designing for? 


2. Describe your partner's style.

Other: "Her style is a bit of everything."

3. Describe your partner's personality. 

Other: "Her personality is caring, cute, fun, and entertaining. She's very ambitious. She has big dreams." 

4. Select a style.

Modern, Antique. 

5. Select a ring metal. 


6. Select a type of stone. 

Natural Diamond.

7. Select a stone shape


8. Select a size. 

Size 5.5

9. What is your budget? 


10. Tell us a little more about your love story. 

"She finds classic iconic women inspiring so I'd like to make a remix of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Aretha Franklin, and Marilyn Monroe's engagement rings."

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