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Lee and Kelly

“It was a joyous moment and I'll never forget it.”

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When Lee asked Kelly to marry him during a blissful weekend in wine country, he surprised her with a ring specially made with her in mind.

The couple had looked at engagement rings together a few times as they talked about getting married, but before making the big purchase, Lee decided to go see Moe Coutu of Lessard Coutu Custom Jewellers, who had made his mother’s engagement ring years before.

“As soon as I came in the shop, Moe said, ‘have a seat’ and he went to work,” Lee recalls.

Lee described what Kelly liked and showed Moe some pictures on his cell phone.

“Moe helped to make it look much more elegant and beautiful and stylish. The main thing I was concerned about was that I just wanted it to sparkle with good quality diamonds.

Everything … was top notch and I think that all comes together which you can see with that ring.”

“I almost fainted. I was beyond happy,” Kelly says. “I just couldn't believe how much it shined and the sparkle and the size of course too. I couldn't believe that it finally happened as well. We'd been together eight years. It was a very exciting moment. I cried. He couldn't wipe the smile off his face. It was a joyous moment and I'll never forget it.”

The inspiration for Kelly’s ring came from an antique ring with three diamonds that belonged to Lee’s maternal grandmother.

“I just loved the look of his grandmother’s ring,” Kelly says.

“And I've always liked an antique style. But we couldn't find

anything like that in the marketplace. So I wanted to model my ring after his grandmother's ring."

“I just like the idea of getting something custom made. Like it's made for us, Lee got to pick everything out, the quality of the diamonds, the size of the diamonds, the shape, he even customized the ring in particular ways to make it more suited to my hand. When you're spending this much money … it's nice to get that personalized service where you walk in and they speak to you by name and they sit you down and they work with you on, you know, the ring of your dreams. And that's what we got.”

“When people look at that ring, usually the first thing is: ‘wow - that sparkles!’” Lee says.

“All different age groups have thought that it's beautiful, timeless. From grandmothers to little girls, like, "It's so beautiful!" They had never seen anything like this before,” Kelly adds.

“Moe made my whole experience very easy - much easier than I thought,” says Lee. Offering the service through the Engager app “will just help everything come together much easier and on a much more personalized level, and make it more streamlined. And that will make it much easier for people who don't live locally to work with Lessard Coutu and accomplish the ring that they want.

“The end result was great. And the quality was better, the price was better, the personal experience was better.”

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