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        hris Clasen spent months planning the perfect proposal for the love of his life, Mauryah. When he finally popped the question, custom diamond ring in hand, under a snow-covered canopy strung with white lights and dreams catchers, she was speechless.


“I think we both just stood there, stunned for a second, and he was like ‘are you going to take it?!’ And I was like "’I think you're supposed to put it on my finger!’” says Mauryah.


The couple had met two years earlier while undergoing treatment for Lyme Disease in Florida. When they’d completed their treatment, they returned to their respective homes in Niagara and Minnesota, but continued speaking with one another. Their friendship eventually grew into a relationship and they've been together ever since.


When he decided it was time to propose, Chris knew finding the perfect ring would be a challenge. He wanted something that fit her personality, and he knew he wasn’t going to find it in a store. He decided to go the custom route instead, which is when he contacted Engager.


“I wanted to give her something that she could wear on her finger that represents me putting the effort into our love and me designing something that would last forever. Just like us.”


Chris had enlisted the help of Mauryah’s mother to gather ideas for what the ring should look like. The goal was the combine Mauryah’s interests and personality into the ring to create something that was perfectly her.

“She's very with nature. She loves the water, the environment, anything to do with the aged look. So when I was designing the ring, it had to have an antique-feel, but yet, mixed with a little bit of her love for mandalas and stuff like that. We were just trying to bring that all together,” says Chris.

They approached Engager jeweller Moe Coutu and began to work on Mauryah’s dream ring using Engager Video Call.


“I was able to see all the details and when I had questions, they either zoomed it in, or they had a model actually putting on the ring,” says Chris.  “It was very user friendly and I got a great idea of what the ring was going to look like before the final product.”


The antique-style ring mixes Mauryah’s love of nature with mandalas and bohemian-inspired detailing. Mauryah, who had never thought too much about what her engagement ring would look like, knew it was the ring of her dreams the second she saw it.


”I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted in my mind for a ring. Like I couldn't picture a ring on my finger and then when I saw this, I was like, ‘yep! That's the one.’”


On the day of the proposal, Chris brought Mauryah home to her family cottage and took her outside, where two rows of twinkle lights turned on to illuminate a snowy path up to the canopy where he proposed.


Months later, Mauryah’s ring is still a topic of conversation, with people asking who it belonged to before it was hers.


“They think it's been passed down. Like, no, this was hand designed for me. And everyone is just blown away. It's funny because when I was [first] posting pictures of the ring, everyone said they didn't even see my name but that they knew that was mine.”

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