Constantly being nagged?

Engager Rings is clinically proven to prevent and eliminate the Subtle Hints for good and is more effective than the leading brands. 

"I haven't had a Subtle Hint in years."

Store bought or cookie-cutter engagement rings may lead to undesirable results. Studies show that cookie-cutter rings are linked with the resurfacing of Subtle Hints and its symptoms. 

Clinicians recommend personal, thoughtful, and meaningful engagement rings to help fight against the resurfacing of Subtle Hints. 

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Common side effects include breakfast in bed and delicious meals, folded laundry, more time with friends, a clean house, a first-born child, great tech gadgets, living a long stress-free life and dying happy, less time with the in-laws, control of the remote, open communication, remembering the small things, frequent and extraordinary laughter, healthy and adventurous sex, dynamic and engaging conversation, netflix and chilling, and overall better performance from the spouse to be. 

*Though this humorous ad presents a fictional  problem, Engager's solution is readily available for download and real jewelers are standing by to create real engagement rings with you.*