Constantly being nagged?

Are you, or someone you know, suffering from the 'Subtle Hints?'

Does your long term girlfriend constantly drop subtle hints about wanting to look at, shop for, browse, search the internet, or find an engagement ring; constantly talk about marriage, wanting children, looking ahead in the relationship, wanting to grow old with you, or her idea of the perfect wedding; tell you about the ideal engagement ring, the 4 Cs, the jeweler that she talked to the other day, or a detailed description of her specific tastes; subtly leaving engagement rings in your browser history, liking engagement rings on your social media, or conveniently leaving magazine clippings of engagement rings lying around; talking loudly about engagement rings to people within earshot of you, getting her friends to help you "open up" about engagement rings; maybe she even helped you put on your jacket and laced up your boots to "go look at" engagement rings? 

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above, they may be experiencing the Subtle Hints, a condition that affects 4/5 men in long term relationships. 

Effects of the

Subtle Hints

Studies show that the Subtle Hints can cause one or multiple serious symptoms in a relationship including: messy house, lack of desire to travel, go on dates, laziness, suboptimal hygiene, sad face, angry face, upset face, crying, loss of appetite, more time with the in-laws, broken heart, lack of communication, prolonged cell-phone use at night, lower sex drive, increased credit card activity, fighting about chores, repetitive daily routine, arguments about nothing at all, unrealistic expectations, or wanting to be right all the time. In some cases, the Subtle Hints can even cause relationships to deteriorate. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing one or multiple of these symptoms, there is a solution...

What can you do? 

You don't have to suffer alone. Talk to an Engager specialist today. 

Engager connects you with a professional jeweler to harness the Subtle Hints and use them to create an ultra unique engagement ring that is one of a kind. This type of engagement ring is proven to be most effective against all symptoms of Subtle Hints. 

By downloading the revolutionary Engager app, you will instantly be connected with an independent jeweler who will listen to you and guide you in the creation of a one of a kind Concept for your engagement ring. Once you are happy with your Concept, your jeweler then creates a 3D Design for your approval. Then all you have to do is approve the Design for Production where you can watch your ring be manufactured. Before the ring is shipped to you, you will approve it for delivery. For more info, see how it works.

Pictured here is a jeweler working on a Concept with a man suffering from Subtle Hints. 

Engager Rings is clinically proven to prevent and eliminate the Subtle Hints for good and is more effective than the leading brands. 

Store bought or cookie-cutter engagement rings may lead to undesirable results. Studies show that cookie-cutter rings are linked with the resurfacing of Subtle Hints and its symptoms. 

Clinicians recommend personal, thoughtful, and meaningful engagement rings to help fight against the resurfacing of Subtle Hints. 

For the best results, don't wait, download Engager today. 

"I haven't had a Subtle Hint in years."

Common side effects include breakfast in bed and delicious meals, folded laundry, more time with friends, a clean house, a first-born child, great tech gadgets, living a long stress-free life and dying happy, less time with the in-laws, control of the remote, open communication, remembering the small things, frequent and extraordinary laughter, healthy and adventurous sex, dynamic and engaging conversation, netflix and chilling, and overall better performance from the spouse to be. 

*Though this humorous ad presents a fictional  problem, Engager's solution is readily available for download and real jewelers are standing by to create real engagement rings with you.*