What it means to be unique: A perspective discovered in Barcelona.

March 15, 2015

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My travels continued this week as I explored Barcelona. The city is known for many things like its food, sense of community, beachfront, beautiful views, churches, and it’s extremely unique architecture designed by Antoni Gaudí.


Just like Gaudí, Engager derives its design from personal aspects. Though Gaudí tends to be a little eccentric in his designs, couples who choose Engager also choose how ‘loud’ their engagement ring will be crafted. The ring can be made to stand out or it can be dainty or fashionable. Every aspect is carefully planned out and approved by the couple. 


Like Casa Vicens, a house made for a wealthy Catalan tile maker (the first project that Gaudí was commissioned). Notice the tiles, a subtle and personal aspect, built right into the facade of the house. 


Take Casa Milà (below) for example as well. it was designed to be like the sea. The wrought iron railings are designed to look like seaweed, and the wavy walls depict the crashing waves of the sea. 

Of course the one of a kind Parc Güell can't be left from this list, because of its visibly unique design. 

Most importantly, the Segrada Familia, Gaudí's most impressive work of art and his magnum opus. Every millimetre is carefully planned out, the same kind of care that you can expect from an Engager. 

The unique design of the Segrada Familia completely amazed me. Because of its uniqueness, which made me very curious, I needed to discover the story behind the whole production. 


The story goes that in the Segrada Familia, Gaudí's goal was to make you appreciate the majesty of nature even if you were not necessarily of religious belief and in a man-made concrete building. It was impressive, and I sat there with no choice but to reflect and take in the moment thanks to the suggestiveness of the architecture and the execution of his design. It gave you an unexpected ability to find introspection, meditation, and leave the daily hustle behind. The experience was contemplative and surreal, as the designer had intended it to be. 

That’s the true power of working with a designer to create something for you. When you hire a designer to make your engagement ring, it is uniquely yours and representative of you. Even more than that, you truly get a feeling; a sense of kinship or attachment. A story. Isn't that how an engagement ring should be? 

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