9 reasons to choose a custom engagement ring

November 2, 2016
















1. It’s about your love story

A custom engagement ring is an opportunity to make this important symbol of your commitment even more meaningful and special. Creating a custom engagement ring allows you to celebrate the reasons that your life partner and your love story are so unique: from special gemstones to all the little design details with deeply personal significance. The thought and care that go into a creating a custom engagement ring are something that

money just can’t buy.























2. The best quality

In the fiercely competitive world of diamond and gemstone sales, it’s easy to pay a lot only to end up with a low quality gemstone or even a fake. The best jewelers are GIA certified and will help you understand all the factors that affect the value of a diamond, including what drives the value up, as well as what drives the value down. Less professional jewelers will only tell you what drives the value of the stone up and unfortunately they may try to gauge your vulnerability to see how much they can get away with. Sometimes, a tiny ray of yellow light, a little inclusion, uneven cut, or slight variance of dimensions can reduce the of value of diamond. Custom jewelers show you the whole picture, so you can determine which diamond is best for you, beyond whatever inventory they currently have in stock. High quality diamonds and gemstones really do have that extra eye-catching sparkle / brilliance and a good jeweler will ensure that you get the best quality for your investment.



















3. The best price

Once you’ve made an informed decision about the diamond quality you’re seeking, a custom jeweler will negotiate with wholesalers on your behalf to find the very best diamond or gemstone at a price that fits your budget. Custom jewelers also typically have lower overhead costs compared to national jewelry chains, which helps ensure you get the best possible ring for your investment.


















4. Customer service

Avoid any store that uses high pressure sales tactics. A good custom jeweler will sit you down, speak to you by name, and have the end goal of ‘wowing’ you - not filling a quota. They want to help you, not sell you. The best jewelers are the ones that don’t give you a time limit, but rather a helping hand along your journey to create the ring of your dreams.

















5. Education

Independent jewelers go beyond the bare minimum when it comes to customer service. They demonstrate customer care. Find a jeweler who genuinely cares and wants to make you look like a hero - a professional who will help you make an engagement ring that exceeds expectations. You’ll be able to tell when they work to educate you about your choices while not cutting any corners or putting a timer on your purchase. Good customer service is also about education. The right jeweler is the one who will teach you about precious stones, metals, designs, process, ideas, etc. during the selection process. The right jeweler will impart his or her wisdom to you, so that you can be knowledgeable about the decisions you make.

















6. Convenience

It might seem easier to pick a ring out of the offerings in a showcase, but in reality it can be like searching for a needle in a haystack to find that perfect combination of design elements, let alone something that is meaningful and unique to you. Making a custom engagement ring is actually quite simple and easy. The process moves at your pace (two to five weeks or more). Experienced custom jewelers are exceptional at working with you to extract your story, ideas, desires, tastes, and other details. Before you know it, you’ll see the ring evolve from your thoughtfulness to something that sparks a look of amazement and love in your fiancé’s eyes.







































7. The experience

Increasingly, couples explore the engagement ring purchase together – and a custom engagement ring becomes a cherished opportunity to consider their stories and their personal preferences to create this outward symbol of their shared commitment. For those who want to surprise their loved one, a custom jeweler can help by asking the right questions and guiding the process to create a ring that will be exactly what your special someone really wants. Love is about making memories together and designing a custom ring is an experience you’ll remember forever.

















8. It’s fun telling the story behind your custom engagement ring!

Make no mistake, your special, sparkly ring will catch the eyes of those around you and you’ll delight in telling them how it came to be. Your ring will serve as a joyful reminder and symbol of the love that you share, giving you a thrilling sense of accomplishment.


9. Don’t settle for anything less than a closely collaborative, face-to-face personal experience when designing a custom engagement ring.

Think of your engagement ring purchase as though you are an exacting Bruce Wayne and the jeweler is your loyal Alfred, dedicated to meeting your needs. And remember, you don't have to be a billionaire like Bruce Wayne to create the ring of your dreams!



Engager is dedicated to making you a hero and delighting that wonderful someone who wears your ring. We promise to serve you with integrity and honesty to ensure we meet YOUR needs and give you GREAT value, not good value or anything less.




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