The Magic of independent jewelers

March 20, 2015

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I really do believe that independent jewellers are the upper echelon of the engagement ring world. If I didn't, I wouldn't have created Engager. Here's why I think so highly of them.


You already know from Engager's first post that I grew up in an independent jeweller's establishment. It wasn't uncommon for me to hear the gasps, or the tears of joy from the brides-to-be who received jewellery from our family owned shop while I was just in the other room. The couples would come back to our store with 'Thank You' cards, gift baskets, even invitations to their weddings to express their gratitude!


There's a good reason that my parents' customers were so grateful. independent jewellers are not salespeople behind a counter. They educate you, sit in the seat next to you, they are listening to all the details, even the smallest details, asking for more details, show you possibilities that you did not imagine to be possible, and put those details and stories into the engagement ring.


It really does make for a more sentimental work of art; a symbolization to commemorate the cool things about a couple. The memories, and the memories to come.


Of course you can see the testimonials and 'Thank You' cards for yourself in the Portfolio section of Engager's website. But it's mere a glimpse of the gratitude for the services provided by the Independent Jewellers of Engager. The smile on the bride's face, and the expression of connectedness to the piece is what really amazes me.


To me, that there is magic.

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