The DNA of a personal engagement ring designer.

August 7, 2015

Welcome to the Engager Blog.

The blog for PERSONAL Engagement Ring Design.




Engager's lifeblood is made up of 'independent jewellers' - a different breed of jewellery designers and makers. They are brilliant self-made industry experts with years of experience and specialization in making engagement rings sentimental.


With that said, not just anyone can manufacture rings in such a way. It takes a particular guru to create an impressionable ring for an engagement. Someone who has customer service, design, and quality running through their veins; someone of Darwinian selection. They're not easy to find, but you know definitively that you are working with an independent jeweller by their identifiable traits.


These traits must be clearly demonstrated in order to partner with Engager. The most important qualification is a clear connection with former customers. To become an Engager, the jeweller must demonstrate that they consistently bring their customers to a level of unsurpassed gratitude.


Excellent customer experience and service is their personality. An independent jeweller is passionate about the customer experience - putting the customer's needs above all else. Engagers believe that the engagement ring purchase is one that is supposed to be memorable, and they deliver by being superior listeners.


Said jewellers are long time masters at their craft - they demonstrate an innate ability to add meaning to engagement rings that make the bride-to-be simper. They are skillful at uncovering the tiniest nuance about a couple and using their intricate top-end design expertise to make a statement about their relationship.


Lastly, they must stoutly demonstrate an ability to design unique, fashion-forward, creative, and customer specific rings with their portfolio. What's more, they show that the most sophisticated designs can be achieved, whether the budget is small or large. A side by side comparison of an Engager ring and its showcase counterpart (at any budget) would prove that Engager rings take the investment much further.


It is Engager's hope that couples get the best service possible when deciding to take the next step in their relationship. With the help of a personal engagement ring designer - and the traits that they embody - couples might just have that opportunity!



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