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May 8, 2015

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Last week I was in Paris and visited the Louvre. Therein was a jewelry exhibit that had ancient jewelry worn by the Romans and ancient Greeks, between the 3rd century AD and 6th century BD.  It was fascinating to see what jewelry was like and how far jewelry has come since these eras. 


I noticed a few things about the pieces in the exhibit. The craftsmanship wasn’t all that bad given the period in which it was created. They looked to be delicate and malleable, like if I was to bend the metal, I could do so with relative ease. The gold was very yellow, pure 24k, but the centre stones were non-precious. All I could imagine was what a sapphire or emerald would have looked like mounted on the flimsy but beautiful filigree; or a diamond like the one I saw in another exhibit displaying royal crowns. 


Given the history that I saw in Paris’ shrine of art, I’ve built even more of an appreciation for the jewelry industry. From the distant Middle Ages to today, and all the Empires in between, it’s so interesting to see the evolution. Now, where is it all headed? 


For consumers in this day and age, I think there’s something missing. Sure, we can get stunning works of art from big chain box-stores, but can we have customized jewelry, hand-crafted for all of us as the Julian Rulers did? Aren’t there designers out there?


The answer is ‘yes,' as the industry is evolving, and this type of service has existed for years. Forget about the word ‘custom’ for your engagement ring google search. ‘Custom’ in engagement ring terms means tweaking or making small changes. Instead, type in ‘personal engagement ring design’ or 'Engager Rings.' Believe it or not, you have the ability to have an engagement ring that is even more personalized than the jewelry made specially for the world's greatest Emperors. What’s more, you have the option to collaborate with an engagement ring designer to create something sentimental, unique, and personal. 


Engager bridges the gap between couples searching for the perfect engagement ring and a personal engagement ring designer. Now, engagement ring designers are not impossible to find - or just as easy to find as the big box stores. It might sound too good to be true, but, the next generation of engagement rings is already upon us. It is the generation of personal engagement ring design. 



See these resources for more information about the exhibits at the Louvre.


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