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October 4, 2015

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Welcome to the Engager Blog.

The blog for Personal Engagement Ring Design.


Last week's blog posts were a light intro about the 'How,' the 'Why,' and the 'Who' as they pertain to Engager. Today, I am thrilled to examine the 'What' and show you what Engager is really capable of. 

With Engager, the engagement ring shopper gets everything that they would expect and more:

  • Durability and warranty. 

  • More bang for their buck (next week's blog post will cover this).

  • Education.

  • Design, style, deep customization / personalization, and coordination with fiancé.

  • The only ring of its kind - completely unique and the only one like it in the world.

But working with Engager is an experience. There is no showcase, no salesperson, and no inventory. Instead, you get a personal designer. The experience starts with education and inspiration, and turns into collaboration. The engagement ring ends up being a masterpiece that you can connect with. 


Take notice at every ring's uniqueness and personality - how it is solely representative of the wearer. How that deep connectedness to the ring is achieved, no matter the type of ring. 
























Three stone:




Diamond band: 




Or exclusively from Engager... Remarkable:






Notice the Remarkable type of setting. That's a type of setting that you can't find in the showcase; only in your imagination.







The experience doesn't stop once the ring is worn. Here's how...

There are different types of stones, metals, filigree, elements of design etc. in all of the above pictures. All of which are carefully considered and put in production by extracting the engagement ring shopper's creativity and story. What tends to happen is that the finished ring ends up being so beautiful, that it can't be seen without being asked about. Then, the couple shares their story and shows the world the great things about their relationship. 

That's why I think the engagement ring should be indicative of the relationship that it represents. That's the only way to really make the engagement ring an incredible work of art.



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