Engager's raison d'être.

May 11, 2015


Welcome to the Engager Blog.

The blog for Personal Engagement Ring Design.


Engager's Raison d'Être (its reason for existence) is to provide couples with the best customer experience available when purchasing an engagement ring. 


It can be hard to for a new engagement ring shopper to navigate his, or her, way through such a big purchase with so many options available. Engager is there to be, in a way, the butler to help the shopper along every step of the way.


Couples who have dealt with independent jewellers will tell shoppers that their jeweller is the way to go. Working with an honest, hard working, and talented independent jeweller makes all the difference. This specific type of jeweller will guide them through the education, inspiration, design, and production processes to ensure that the final product exceeds the shopper's expectations.


I grew up in an independent jeweller's family business and got all the first hand accounts at what an incredible service they provide. You can see some of those by exploring the Engager Portfolio, but what's important to note is that these independent jewellers are largely inaccessible. They don't have the large marketing budgets that the big box stores have, so they are almost impossible to find online and in Google searches.


But Engager seeks to help these hidden gems become found. The biggest hurdle to overcome for engagement ring shoppers is to believe in their jeweller - or even find one that they like. That's why Engager connects them to real designers - the independent jewellers - not just salespeople behind a showcase.


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