Partner with Engager and become an Owner

Ever since I was a kid, I couldn't understand why everyone didn't know about my parents shop. 

So I created Engager and now they have customers all over North America. 

I would like to invite you to join my mission. Now that I've been on Dragon's Den, I'm planning on making this business grow and help partners across Toronto grow their businesses as well. 

Engager on CBC's Dragon's Den

 My mission is to make the most romantic engagement rings in the world. 

For example, take Chris and Mauryah's ring.

As stated by Mauryah above, Engager is the best way to make a romantic engagement ring. 

And this is all made possible by the Engager Online Studio.

So far, we've made 60 romantic engagement rings like Chris and Mauryah's.

Now, we want to make 3000 by 2021, and get on our way to 50,000 rings by 2024.

We'll do that by doing more appearances like Dragon's Den.

Call me, Nick Coutu, the founder of Engager to learn more.

We need partners like you to make this happen.

You may qualify as a partner if you have experience in one or more of the following:


Customer experience

3D design (library)

3D design (live customer designing) 

3D printing

Casting (all metals)




If you qualify and want to back Engager, we're offering preferred ownership of the company. 

We're currently raising $500,000 with SAFE Agreements (Simple Agreement for Future Equity).

The first $50k will be raised by qualifying partners.

Money committed so far:

$15,000 of $50,000

as of Thursday, Feb 27th, 2020.

Join the Toronto community in backing Engager and let's make

the most romantic engagement rings on the planet. 

My sincerest thanks.

Backing my mission is the highest compliment a person can pay me

and I will work tirelessly to ensure that your business succeeds and we grow together. 

Thank you!

Let's make the most romantic engagement rings in the world!

Nick Coutu

Founder of Engager

416 569 8720 (mobile)


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Engager on CBC's Dragon's Den