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Customer service is vital to your business.
Set yourself apart from other jewelers by offering your customers the most advanced customer service solution just for jewelers like you. 

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Join the custom jewelry movement. 

  • Build your customer relationships

  • Maintain client loyalty

  • Document and manage your custom process 

  • Close more deals and impress your clients

  • Stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Make them feel comfortable knowing you're always there

Did you know that you lose up to 60% of your customers to National Chain Jewelry Stores?


The biggest reason for this is DISCOVERABILITY and LOCATION.


Now, with Engager you are discoverable and located on every smartphone that can download Engager. This means that you now have the ability to reach customers regardless of your location or discoverability. 


More importantly, your product is more PERSONAL and MEANINGFUL than your National Chain Jewelry Store counterparts. With the 100% custom process that you provide, you have the advantage of making jewelry MEANINGFUL rather than just picked from a showcase. 

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