Describe your love story, how you will make your engagement ring meaningful, sentimental, thoughtful, creative, unique, one of a kind.

How it works:

Fill out the registration form on this page complete with your amazing love story! 

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Watch your jeweler design the most amazing engagement ring on the Engager App with your love story. 

Complete your engagement ring by May 31st, 2017. 

One lucky winner will be awarded $10,000!

Engager judges will determine the winner of the contest using the following criteria: 

  • Uniqueness of engagement ring (one-of-a-kind)

  • Sentiment designed by you

  • Deeply meaningful

  • Thoughtfulness

  • Story

Contestants will demonstrate:

  • The ease of the Engager's 100% custom process

  • Its ability to capture the love story in a beautifully elegant and artistic way

  • How this process is only possible using Engager's service. 

No creative ability is necessary! Engager Jewelers just need to hear your love story and they will incorporate your story into the 3D design process and make the ring with industry leading processes. 

Don't delay your application as only 25-50 applicants will be accepted. 

(Applications not accepted may still use Engager).


Contest will run until May 31st, 2017 or until all participants have completed their rings. 

(Subject to change)


Contest applications close at 11:59 PST April 25th, 2017. 

(Subject to change)


Engager is an equal opportunity company and encourages customers of all persuasions, religions, demographics, race, etc, to apply.  

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